Shackled City at the Melton Pointe

Life's Bazaar
Or, seven to nine adventurerers walk into a gnomish locksmith's shop . . .


Catching Up to Where We Are
Or, "How I stopped worring about getting my players involved and learned to love making campaign notes."

[Out of Game]

Hey guys, I read an article about using Wiki tools to maintain a campaign. The general thesis was that by using the tools to make campaign notes, links and adventure logs, a DM can improve the play experience for his group, leading to a greater attachment to the campaign world, story and plot. I understand that if I were a better DM, I would be able to do that just by plot and adventure alone. But I’m not a better DM. Accordingly, I will use any and all technology available to make the experience better for you the player.

I’m sure the Special Assistant DM of Death (the “SADD”) echos my comments . . . while at the same time plotting each of your charcter’s untimely demises.

So that having been said, let’s BRIEFLY summerize what those crazy kids from Beregost have been up to since we started last fall.

[Cast Plot Exposition]

Our tale begins at the Celebration of Beregost, the renown festival that observes the Order of the Aster’s triumph at the town’s crossroads over the minions of Kiaransalee, the drow god of undead and vengence, who sought to enslave all of Abeir-Toril, and nearly suceeded. Since that triumph, and the subsequent establishment of the Temple of Lathandar at Beregost, every four years, all of the surface kingdoms of Abeir-Toril send representatives to the Celebration, even during times of war. At the Celebration, the creative arts and entertainments from all the Realms are exhibited for the enjoyment of all.

Each of you, the party members , were selected as ensign attendants to your Realm’s delegation, a high honor that recognized you as a rising adventurerer. The closing ceremonies of the Celebration having occurred the night before, each of your delegations make arrangements to leave Beregost. As the Morning of New Beginnings (the departure time for the Celebration’s delegations)dawned, rumors of a theft of the Sunfires of the Awakened spread through the town. The Acolytes of the Temple surrounded the city, having chosen to take the unprecedented step of searching each traveler’s gear in an effort to discover the missing artifacts.

As your delegation was leaving, you were accosted by the Acolytes and rendered unconscious by a sap to the BACK of your head. Awakening in a cell, you found yourself surrounded by a motley crew . Shortly after exchanging remarkably similar stories, Keldorn Firecam entered the cell and returned all your belongings. After a short encounter with a bearded devil, Keldorn informed you of the how the subterfuge of the theft was necessary to arrange, in secret, the collection of your group to face a grave threat to the Realms.

As you each remember, Keldorn asked that the party travel to Coran’s farmhouse to retrieve an artifact. The party arrived to find Coran and his family murdered. Moreover, as they began a search of the farmhouse after buring the bodies of the family, the party was ambushed by a mysterious sorcerer. Despite the party’s valiant attempts to subdue the sorcerer, he escaped together with his familiar.

The party, however, did find a radiant short sword, which they would later recognize as The Sparkling Sword of Coran. The party discovered the secret compartment in the sword’s handle and the scroll inside.

After the party dealt with the threat to Beregost known as the Rat King, Keldorn informed you all of the unnamed sorcerer’s threat to the Realms—he sought the Crown of Horns . The scroll, together with another portion, which the party sought out in Xan’s Tomb .

Once the adventurers returned to the The Green Goblet , Keldorn asked if the party could venture to Caulderon, the Shackled City to investigate recent kidnappings in the town, and, generally to determine whether any evil forces are gathering in the city.


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