The Green Goblet

The best inn in Beregost . . . as far as you know.


The Green Goblet is the best inn in Beregost, at least from what you can remember from your days spent there (the Celebration can result in anyone having a bit too much mead).

Varush Endfellow is the owner of the Green Goblet. The inn is renown as having one of the best safes in all the Realms, which is key to its continued existance as a roadhouse.

The Green Goblet was also the starting point of the party’s pursuit of the Rat King . The party aided Varush in retrieving a number of belongings of Lord Nashtall. Varush indicated that Lord Nashtall would not have been happy to know that the items were ever missing, and the party’s discretion in the matter, together with the party’s relationship with Keldorn , has endeared the party to the normally gruff innkeeper.

Finally, and most importantly, in the party’s discussions with Varush, the party discovered the reason why all taverns in the Realms generally have the same layout—the Moose Urine Terror .

The Green Goblet

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